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Contents Affected by Fire in Phoenix, AZ

Sometimes a fire in a different apartment can still impact your apartment. This customer was next door to an apartment that had a fire. All of her belongings ... READ MORE

Mold in Bathroom in Phoenix, AZ

This customer called us because they smelled something "funny" in the laundry room. Turns out there was a leak inside the wall that had been going on for a whi... READ MORE

Bathroom Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

We hope you never find this in your bathroom at home or business! If you do, give us a call. We will take care of this type of cleaning so you don't have to d... READ MORE

Hot Water Heater Failure

This church out building had a water heater failure. Because the building was not used every day, the water damage was pretty bad. We had to extract the water... READ MORE

Commercial Water Leak in Phoenix, AZ

When employees showed up to work, they found an extreme amount of water in the suite. We were on-site within 20 minutes, and they were back in business within ... READ MORE

Mold under the kitchen sink in Phoenix, AZ

This customer had a problem with the water filter leaking under the kitchen sink. The cabinets were made of particle board, so the water soaked in and within 3 ... READ MORE